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Moonlight Entertainment & Sales / Worldwide Media & Liquidations is a liquidity service and clearinghouse of published media; Books, Compact Discs, Cassettes, CD-Rom, CD-Rs, DVDs, VHS, Blu-Ray, Vinyl Records, Amberol, Video Games, Software, Posters, Ephemera, etc... Our primary function is to aide manufactures, distributors, publishers, record labels, retailers and independent artists in the disposal, monetary recovery and liquidation of over-runs, overstock, surplus, & salvage merchandise and reintroduce/recycle them into secondary markets around the world.





Wholesale music CD liquidation going on now. Get lots of popular & big name hits for one low price of only $16.95. Many of these music CD singles have club remixes, acappella & instrumentals versions, which are great for karaoke. Lots may include artists like: Janet Jackson, Garth Brooks, Enrique Iglesias, Jermaine Dupree, Beck, George Strait, Eminem, Elton John, Creed, Mint Condition, Jenifer Lopez and a whole lot more...


300 Music CD Singles for only $85.00

Below Wholesale Music CD Singles!

Do you ever wonder what happens to all of those music CD singles that get pulled from the store shelves to make room for the newer stuff?

Now you know!

MoonlightSales.com is offering a massive liquidation of randomly selected wholesale, closeout, surplus and salvage music CD singles at ridiculous below wholesale prices.

This is an excellent way for you to get a large selection of assorted music CD singles from yesteryear or just a perfect opportunity to check out some music that you may have missed out on or just never knew existed.

Also, this is an excellent opportunity... if you're looking to find a way to create an extra income by selling music CDs or looking for an inexpensive way to fulfill your person collection or holiday gift list, you cannot go wrong by purchasing in bulk.


Some of the benefits of buying music CD singles are that they may contain...

* Songs not available on the Album

* Alternate Versions

* Acappella Versions

* Instrumental Versions

* Club, Dub and/or Dance Remixes

* Radio or Street Edits

* Songs only released as a Single

* Imports - may have version releases only available elsewhere

* ...and they're very collectible!

There is no question about it... this is the best way to go!


Before "most" full length CD albums are released, the CD Single is primarily released first to introduce the artist and help promote the best or favored songs of the album, which in turn, get the most radio air play.

We all know the risk we endure when purchasing an album from one of our favorite artists just to find that the rest of the album, putting it nicely, just isn't up to par. Therefore, your almost guaranteed not to receive filler tracks that are usually created on the fly so the musician's contract with the label can be fulfilled against the album.

If you were to purchase all of these tunes in MP3 format, you could easily spend $600.00, $700.00, $800.00 or more just to get all of this music.

So what are you waiting for? Go head and give this music CD single special offer a try. For the price you would pay for just five to six full length music CDs, at retail cost, you can receive a huge collection of randomly assorted music CD singles for just pennies on the dollar of the original retail price.

Who knows... Your next favorite band or musician could be in these lots. There is something for everybody in these Box O' Tunes. What you don't want or already have, you can always pass it on... as a gift!

Most of these CD Singles originally retailed for $3.49 - $12.99

(Note: We guarantee NO DUPLICATION!)

Now Only $85.00

Free Shipping anywhere in the USA




Disclaimer: Moonlight Entertainment & Sales is a liquidity service of assorted media products. Our primary function is to liquidate excess overstock, shelf pull, closeout, surplus and/or salvage media inventory. Therefore, Moonlight Entertainment & Sales make absolutely no guarantees expressed or implied regarding the selection, profitability, marketability or any other purpose you may have for this material. By purchasing from Moonlight Entertainment & Sales you assume and accept all responsibility regarding the purchase of the merchandise.

Please review our FAQs to see answers to many of the most common questions.

This product is considered overstock, shelf pull, closeout, surplus and/or salvage. Due to the frailty of this type of product some imperfections may appear to the jewel cases, i.e.: stress fractures, minor to major cracks, broken tabs, etc... This only represents a small percentage of the media / CDs themselves and does not affect the playability of the media / CD in any way. 

When ordering multiple lots, you can possibly increase your chances of receiving a bigger selection of tunes. Some duplication may be included when multiple lots are ordered.

Because this is a liquidation... all sales are final!


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